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Best Shampoo For Gray Hair | Best Shampoo For Grey Hair | Best Shampoo to cool down BLOND hair ---
for shiny healthy looking SILVER Gray hair or to reduce the orange tones in blond hair get Biogenol VIOLIGHTS Shampoo

Hair color the theory tells us that the remaining yellow color in your gray hair makes it go "off tone" and not look silver, healthy and shiny. Violet is across the color wheel from yellow so when you add a small amount of violet color to your hair you are mixing the remaining yellow pigment in your hair with the violet color to "BROWN OUR" or "HIDE" the the remaining yellow pigment leaving you looking shiny, and healthy with a SILVER-Gray hair tone. And if you read on you will see how easy it can be for your to balance the violet, add-on shampoo with the remaining yellow pigment to make both disappear, entirely.

Clients tell us that Biogenol VIOLIGHTS Shampoo can be used in several different way to temporairily enhance your gray hair color. Violights shampoo contain a violet color that you can add to your hair to "TALE-AWAY" or "HIDE" the the remaining yellow pigment to temporairily enhance your gray or silver hair color.

The way you choose will depend the 5 things.

  • the amount of remaining yellow pigment left in your hair.
  • the amount of violet color you need to add to your hair to cancel out the unwanted yellow tones
  • how well your eyes see the color enhancement your using the violights shampoo to change
  • how often you shampoo your hair
  • which methods (below) works the best for you and your busy schedule

Here are popular approaches (options) that we feel will help you  fine tune the amount of silver you add to your hair:

  1. If you have a strong yellow tinge in you hair, or  you only shampoo once or twice a week  you can use the shampoo straight from the bottle on the 2nd or third sudzing (last sudzing before applying your conditoner to close the cuticle & hold in the color).
  2. If you shampoo daily or you want more control without having to think about it every day you can simply add your Silver/Violet shampoo to your regular shampoo. This way you can add a little silver to your hair every time you shampoo. Just wait until their regular shampoo is about 25% down in the bottle and then add SOME Violights purple shampoo. Increase the amount you add to your regular shampoo to "fine tune" the amount of silver you are adding to your hair. Add more regular shampoo to decrease the effects of the Violights shampoo. This way you don't have to think about it every time you shampoo. Additionally you can chose your every day shampoo for other added benefits like Hair Thickening, Adding a)-moisture, b)-curl or c)-volume, or d)- to take away frizz  (see Color Lover hair Products).
  3. The good news is ... If you start to see the violet color  in you hair all you have to do is shampoo with a clarifying  shampoo ( like Roffler Gold Shampoo or Roffler Blue Shampoo) to get the silver/violet color back out of your hair. If you don't have a clarifying shampoo just shampoo once or twice with some of your regular shampoo withour the Violights added.

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